Week 41


Oct. 31 - Nov. 7

'Super Bo Jackson' Album Cover
'Tecmo Cup Football Game' Cartridge Label

Third music-inspired week in a row

This week, I'm back with an album that I'm not especially familiar with but rather got to me through its cover. This time around, it was The Alchemist and Boldy James's Super Tecmo Bo. The cover, a crudely edited NES cartridge, gave me the perfect opportunity to delve into pixelated, retro game art as a personal procrastination excuse

I also wanted to upgrade the editing a bit, trying my hardest to make this look like a studio-quality shot of an old NES cartridge for MD's Tecmo Cup cover. Except this cartridge had been edited to depict that 1-1 between Colombia and Germany in the 1990 World Cup that I referenced in Week 32 ↗


I have a serious problem with being overly attracted by product packaging

Final Mock-up