Week 32


Aug. 29 - Sep. 5

This week I went back to Seymour Chwast ↗ and that seminal Poster House exhibition on the Push Pin studios posters. This week as I decorated my new room, I found my "War Is Madness" postcard with some tape stuck to the back. I also found my postcard drawings from last semester (see Week 23 ↗ and Week 27 ↗)

Seymour Chwast's War is Madness


Editor's note: Seymour's website is horrendously inconsistent

As for the postcard, it is a rendering of a Colombian player celebrating after scoring a goal. Specifically, after scoring the equalizer against Germany in the last game of the 1990 World Cup's group phase. Although oddly specific (and ultimately, a bit irrelevant), the game is deeply embedded into the Colombian memory for the quality of our rivals and the unlikelihood of scoring in such a reduced timeframe.

You can find the goal and the celebration here ↗. The video has countless iconic phrases. The commentator is convinced that the Colombia national team wrote our names in the hisotry books (with golden letters) over this result. He called for the next day to be declared a national holiday. All in all, a bit mad

Final Mock-up