Week 51

Flowers III

Jan. 9 - 16

I realized I never truly explained why I was in NYC or what I was supposed to be doing. I'm not sure anyone really asked

Either way, I'm on NYC thanks to a Davidson grant. Officially, I am on a tour of all the art museums and galleries in the city, including but not limited to Poster House, MoMA, MET, Whitney. All the big names. But also all the galleries in Chelsea and its surroundings (I'm still not quite sure where neighborhoods end and start).

Snapshot of David Hockney's 20 Flowers and Some Bigger Pictures at New York's PACE Gallery

David Hockney's 20 Flowers and Some Bigger Pictures

This week, I visited the PACE Gallery. Among others, they were hosting a solo exhibition for David Hockney ↗. His work on this exhibiton centered around his portrayal of a variety of flowers, and flower vases sitting by his windowsill and dinning table

As for the phrase, I once again turned to my one musical flower reference: Tyler the Creator's Flower Boy. Specifically, this line on Where This Flower Blooms, which was later reprinted along the sole of his collaboration shoe with Converse (a personal favorite)

Converse x Golf Le Fleur Shoes

"don't let them kill your flowers, water your garden and stunt" printed with the lightest gray on white. Pinky promise it's there

It's always inspiring to hear an encouraging "you do you" from one of your favorite artists

Final Mock-up