Week 48


Dec. 19 - 26

I mentioned in an earlier entry the necessity to suspend disbelief to fully enjoy a game of football.

There is no greater proof of this than this year's World Cup final. I'm not French. I'm not Argentinian. For that matter, I think they tend to be too full of themselves. But I wanted Argentina to win so bad

Ángel Di Maria celebrates the second goal of the World Cup Final

Muchaaaaachooooos hoy nos volvimos a ilusionar

I had a few reasons:

  1. Argentina is in South America, and so am I. To add insult to injury, French superstar Kylian Mbappé had recently claimed that European football was superior to its South American competitors ↗. Bad look
  2. I called it. Months before the World Cup I had called it. I picked Argentina to win the World Cup, with Brazil as the second favorite, and France a close third. I wanted to prove my point
  3. Despite my slight dislike for Argentinian football fans throughout the year, I related to their national team. This final was a David vs. Goliath. Argentina lacked the euros and the glamour of their rivals. Instead, they had a team. And the insurmountable support of their people. I can only explain it as mística and fuego sagrado

I wanted them to win because I wanted to win. I saw myself on that pitch, up against the French Goliath. Disbelief fully suspended

I got to watch it at the Football Cafe ↗ sitting next to a group of French fans. The room was vibrating. Chef's kiss

Lionel Messi sits on his teammates shoulders, lifting the World Cup

And then, they won. In a dramatic, heart-wrenching game that went all the way to penalties. It was, arguably, the best game of the last few years and the best World Cup final of all time. They did it, and are officially tri-champions

I hope I can follow suit

Final Mock-up