Week 47


Dec. 12 - 19

I'm back in NYC! And I am here with a mission: to eat as much as possible

As much as I adore rural North Carolina, there is only so much I can go without getting a taste from home. Or getting a taste from someone else's home that I've never visited. Or, generally, any kind of well seasoned food.

I mean no disrespect to the CLT metro area eateries, as I hold many of them close and dear to my heart. But there is something magical about going on Queens food crawl

I just spent ~3 hours and $40(!!) walking around a five-to-six block radius, where I ate food from at least six different countries spread over three different continents. And I can'nt wait to do it again

My face, glasses covered with soup steam

Aftermath of Parksanbal's 국밥

Finally, I cannot deny that I have been unashamedly influenced by Jaeki Cho ↗, creator of Righteous Eats, and June ↗ from Delish


Final Mock-up