Week 46

bon voyage

Dec. 5 - 12

On the topic of trends across posts: animated movies part III, Ghibli part II.

This week, I continue to squander my little free time with Ghibli movies–or invest, depending on your point of view. This week's watch was From Up on Poppy Hill. The movie that follows a high schooler who ✨embarks✨ on an adventure to save her school's clubhouse, the Latin Quarter.

Screen Capture from Porco Rosso

a scene from From Up On Poppy Hill

Poppy Hill is significantly less action packed than Porco Rosso, but just as amazing. It is an atmospheric –almost meditative?– watch, where once again the craft and love behind the animation and music shine through. I will say, though, as one of the more modern Ghibli movies, it includes a few awkwardly three-dimension scenes

The nautical flags (get it, embark?) in question are central to the plot. They are lifted up every morning by the protagonist, and relay the message "I wish you a safe journey"


Future editor's note: I continued to watch more Ghibli movies and they are (for the most part) all incredible

Final Mock-up