Week 42

red devils

Nov. 7 - 14

If you haven't noticed so far (or if this is your first introduction to the poster project), I'm a big football fan. Although I'm loyal to my home team –in spite of the mediocre results– I like to dabble with some higher quality, more expensive leagues. For example, the English Premier League.

I'm convinced that to fully enjoy a football match, you need to suspend disbelief. You need to become emotionally invested in one of the teams, even if only for that 90 minutes span. Whenever I watch the Premier League, I support Liverpool.

Liverpool is a historical great, now coming back from a sleeping giant period. Winning Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League titles over the past few years spoiled Liverpool fans. Which is why the current subpar run of form hurts a bit more. But every now and then, there is some joy. Especially when the arch-enemy Manchester United (the red devils) get embarrassed ↗ by a barely recovering team.

Don't get me wrong, Man U has been categorically better this year, but moments like this are a bit of an oasis in the middle of a desertic season

As I said before, I am loyal to my Deportivo Cali. I wasn't born in Liverpool or Manchester. This rivalry couldn't be any further from me, both geographically and emotionally. But every now and then, I suspend my disbelief


Future editor's note: 7Up

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