Week 4


Feb. 14 - 21

This sounded a lot better in my head TBH. I'll need to get back to my phrases drawing board. This week I set myself a personal challenge of hand-drawing (making? constructing?) my own letters

I tried to make them consistent by repeating a few standard boxes and curves and –as you'll see soon– ultimately come super short of anything resembling a font


Sketch chopped up into place


Spoiler Alert: This week's poster sucks. That said, there is something nice and honest in putting a bad poster “out in the world”


Spoiler Alert #2: Next week will be better (however low that bar may be). At least the 'R' turns out nice. Note to self: hand-drawing letters is hard

Progress 0

Final? sike

I really really disliked my silly uneven DIY letters (other than that R) so I used a real font. Maybe I tried drawing too many all at once?

Feels like I gave up kinda, but for the best? Oh well

Final Mock-up