Week 39


Oct. 17 - 24

Or Hat Trick, in football terms.

This week marks the end of the trio of entries about "El Que No Salte." See previous weeks for more details, but TL;DR I am re-creating Panini World Cup sticker books and the experience around them based on my own drawings

This week, however, I am going for a bit of a different approach

I knew I wanted to incorporate another of my drawings, which are primarily india ink on paper. I didn't want to just slap some text, so I looked back at some of my favorite albums (or album covers) for a clearer direction

I immediatly thought of The Beatles' Revolver, as a black-on-white illustration with a some text. I wanted to spice up the type, though. The word cafuné is a bit too fun for that Arial-Condensed-looking font

And so I turned to the second Beatles' record that came to mind: Rubber Soul. And simultaneously, Arrigo Barnabé's Clara Crocodilo. Including some Brazilian inspiration felt particularly appropriate this week. And so, I landed on a groovy, distorted, splatter-y(?) text on top of my Revolver-esque drawing. Chef's kiss

Final Mock-up