Week 37

El Que No Salte

Oct. 3 - 10

Back to my drawing adventures. I recently (as in, sometime last month) started a project to catalog all of the football-related drawings I've been crafting over the past year-ish. This drawing was the start of it all, specifically the text.

“El que no salte…” – the one who doesn't jump – is the setup for a typical stadium chant in Latin America. It is followed up by “...es un inglés” –is British– “...es un botón” –is a snitch– “...es una gallina” –is a chicken. There are many other punchlines that could follow. Though varied, they are all connected because in each version those who don't jump –in some form or another– are the enemy

I am expanding the jump into a metaphor for taking action, reflected through football in popular culture as well as my own personal narratives. Let's see where it goes


Late editor's note: I now have a website ↗ for this project. It's pretty nice

Final Mock-up