Week 36

Final Fantasy

Sep. 26 - Oct. 3

JAL Airplane

I've always fantasized about creating or redesigning some notorious logo into iconic status, à la Milton Glaser's "I ❤️ NY," Paul Rand's ABC, or Massimo Vignelli's "AA". In my attempt to rationalize this fantasy, I kept nitpicking any recognizable logo I could find. I spend many of my high school classes attempting to redesign our school's logo.

My slightly unfounded criticism found its way into an airport. Specifically, the Japan Airlines (JAL) logo. I was in love with the crane(?) logo but hated the JAL crammed inside it. I always thought I could touch up the anchor points, tweak the curves, and re-arrange the type so it sat neatly next to the incredible icon. Alas, I never did. Even worse, as I re-researched it this week, it seems perfectly fine. I still like to think I could do it slightly better

Inspirational Bottle Cap

I have absolutely no idea what the bottle is

Recently, I found this cap at a Japanese mart in NY (or was it a liquor store?). It brought me back to my final JAL fantasy, and the silliness of a teenager me re-designing a globally recognized airline. I've kept my lofty design aspirations alive. But, at least for now, the crane is safe

Final Mock-up