Week 30

selling out

Aug. 15 - 22

Original Drawing

Original Drawing (it was big)

As I draw more drawings, and they all ultimately become football-related, I have more chances to re-use them as posters

First, the drawing: a dramatized take on a mundane, end-of-game conversation between rivals. For those in the audience who not are attuned to Latin American football (i.e. didn't catch the reference immediately), the two figures play for bitter rivals. I juxtaposed the competition and violence of their rivalry with an intimate (flirty, even?) moment between the two. A clash between the spectacle and a silly conversation. A bit of Artspeak

Then, the poster: I am terrified of going home. In a follow-up to my previous week's entry ↗, I am back in Cali for the first time in years. I've been going through the whole college development arc away from home, but did I lose the Cali in me? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I'll be a bit anxious and try to have a good time


Very future editor's note: this became a big part of my first solo exhibition (!!). Hopefully, won't be the last

Final Mock-up