Week 29


Aug. 8 - 15

The creation of this poster began many years ago (2017, to be exact). At the time, I had no idea this would be a poster. I barely even had an Adobe account back then. Instead, it started as a submission on the mascot-designing contest ↗ for that year's Juegos Departamentales (state-wide athletic competition). I might be biased, but I think my submission was pretty decent despite not making the finals.

Original Mascot Design

The drawing sat in the bottom of the drawer for a while. That is, until I started scouring for poster ideas. And until I ran into Mascotism ↗, a project that collects signage and other popular arts featuring mascots (duh). This also lined up with my trip (the first in 3 years) back home to Cali, a city abundant with signage, lettering, and other non-traditional design avenues.

And so, we got here. Home, homecoming, home sickness. All wrapped together with my silly, unawarded mascot, repurposed to imitate the earliest expressions of design I ever saw.

Final Mock-up