Week 27


Jul. 25 - Aug. 1

attaboy original drawing

original business card

This week, I'm returning to the digitzed, recolored business card wave. There's not a lot of interesting visual decisions, other than the wonky linework I got by experimenting (i.e. toggling randomly) the rasterize settings funky color palette I found through trial and error

With that in mind, I'll give some backstory on how I got to the original business card:

Late last spring, I was oddly ahead on my work. So were some of my senior friends (come to think of it, maybe they were just done with school regardless of work). With all our newfound freetime, we decided to watch a Davidson baseball game ↗.

We were trying to get free bucket hats handed out to the first 200 fans but we were too late. I wanted to leave early but my friend's friend was a closer or a reliever (I don't really remember which one and I don't know what either of these mean)

So I sat in the sun, behind the plate for 4 hours. Every hit, every ball every strike, some mysterious (but deep and serious) group voices would yell out "attaboy" in unison. Maybe it's a normal thing in baseball? I couldn't tell, but I couldn't get the term out of my head.

So I put it in a business card. And now, in a poster

Final Mock-up