Week 24


Jul. 4 - 11


This summer I've been obsessed with chess. About a year late from the Queen's Gambit hype, I've been keeping up with the FIDE Candidates Tournament recaps ↗ and World Championship drama. There's a surprising amount of drama in the chess world.

I've also been trying to learn how to play on the side. Sso far I've been pretty unsucsseful, but at least I created a chess.com ↗ account and started doing my little lessons, so I can only go up from here

So far you might have seen I'm a type kind of guy. But this week I tried to use type as not-text, but rather as graphic elements to build shapes – in this case, typographic versions of chess pieces on a board



I went through some 8 or so colorways, as chess boards are surprisingly easy to abstract into two nice looking, complementary light and dark colors. Ultimately, though I settled on a very classic creme and green

Final Mock-up