Week 23

Tick Tock

Jun. 27 - Jul. 4

Original Drawing

original drawing

In this week's edition of remixed drawings, one of my weekly business card drawings – a pretty self-explanatory drawing assignment from this spring. Last semester I got to buy a whole bunch of markers and decided to test them in these low pressure small drawings

In this piece I am experimenting with dramatic or exaggerated lightling that I use across a lot of my drawings ↗ (self-plug)

Post Stamp

Continuing the trend I started a few weeks ago, I got my colorway from a post stamp I found online

Progress 1
Alt Poster

alternative, funky version


Again I had an alternative colorway and couldn't quite decide what to do with it. So I just included it here


I also titled the card on the right (David) Beckham vs. Goliath and I thought it was funny and silly and wanted to share. That's it. That's the note

Final Mock-up