Week 11

spaced out

Apr. 4 - 11


I can't say I've watched a whole lot of Astroboy. It was way before my time. I know of him, though, as any good animation fan would

Most importantly, I'm a fan of the aesthetic and of the idea of being an astro boy. Roughly inspired by Elias on PAQ ↗, there seems to be a sense of freedom (?) that I can't articulate very well

Anyways, I like Astroboy and made a poster about him


grid setup



I'm big fan of any pixelated graphics.

This week I tried my take on it, using a funky, curvier grid that uses circles to break away from the totally square (duh) pixels.

I used the grid to recreate Astro's face, as well as to build all the characters and other funky little shapes dotted around

Final Mock-up